Secondary school student stabbed by classmate


There was a stabbing between two students at a secondary school in Deurne (Noord-Brabant). One of them was injured in the process. He was taken to hospital and the other student was arrested.

The stabbing took place in a school for secondary special education, De Korenaer. That is a school run by the Aloysius Foundation for children with behavioral problems. The police are investigating what exactly happened.

Fellow students very shocked
According to the school, fellow students and the school team are very shocked. Peace has returned to school after the incident, according to de Korenaer in a message on its own website. The school remains open in order to be able to offer students structure and continuity.

There are also extra teachers at school as well as a reception team from the own organization to talk to everyone about what happened. “If necessary or desired, they will also provide longer-term guidance in coping with this event,” said the school.

The parents have since been informed. Pending the police investigation, the school does not want to make any further statements.